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Cam's education and interests

Cam grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia and attended Strath Haven High School.

Cam earned a B.A. magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania (international relations major), a master’s degree (with merit) in Philosophy, Policy, and Social Value from the London School of Economics, and a J.D. from Georgetown Law.

Cam and Emily are members of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, where they were married.

Cam is Vice President & General Counsel of Outland Energy Services. You can learn more about his career and role at Outland elsewhere on this site.

Cam is active in public affairs:

  • He's the Republican precinct captain for Minneapolis Ward 13, Precinct 4, which is the northern half of the Fulton neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis.
  • Cam encourages the governments of Minneapolis and Minnesota to live within their means rather than try to tax and spend their way to prosperity: first letter, second letter, third letter.
  • While in college, Cam wrote an op-ed urging students to vote for the GOP candidate for Philadelphia mayor.

Cam's also been involved in two efforts that didn’t turn out the way he would have hoped:

But as they say, you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes, and Cam is proud of his work on those projects.

You can reach Cam at